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Parc Esta is a living and residential project that was developed in 2018.

Located in the heart of Singapore, the residential area of Parc Esta is a state of the art living project that was established to provide people with a slice of the good life, even while living on a budget and staying within their limits.

The project was developed to help improve the standard of living of Singaporeans as it is strategically located to provide access to the most essential and important social amenities around.

When you choose to live in Parc Esta, you are joining an elite group of people, as the residential project provide you with the very best in comfort and security.

Why Should You Live in Parc Esta?

State of the art living conditions

Of course, Parc Esta brings you only the best in living conditions. The estate is fitted with the latest in living comfort, with a high level of security, convenience, and ease of life.

All of this with an affordable price that will see you getting much more value or your money.

Access to all the required amenities

What is it that you need?

A school?

A gym?

A shopping mall?

Whatever it is at all, rest assured that you’ll be able to get right here. The convenience provided by Parc Esta is something that you just can’t get anywhere, and you’ll find that the estate is just right for you.

A Budding Social Life

The beautify country of Singapore has never been one to be dull and boring, and there is hardly any place that brings this budding social life than Parc Esta. The estate provides an amalgamation of people, all of which come from various backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities. A mixture of this is definitely going to be interesting.

Living here, you’ll find that Parc Esta will never be dull. If you’re the kind of person who loves to have a good time, then Parc Esta is definitely right for you.

Perfect For Anyone

Are you looking for a simple bachelor pad?

Do you need somewhere to stay with your family?

Are you a newlywed man (or woman) and you’re looking for somewhere to start your own family?

Well, congratulations; Parc Esta is just right for you. As another benefit of its strategic position, Parc Esta is able to provide for the need of various kinds of settlers. You get to enjoy a wide array of living benefits and access to all you need, and you’ll find that this little estate has just about anything.

Hong Kong Land & MCL Land

The Parc Esta housing and residential project were developed by real estate firm Hong Kong Land, through MCL Land, its Singapore-based subsidiary.

Hong Kong Land is one of the largest and most expansive real estate development first in the entire Asian continent, and this project was commissioned by the firm as part of its ongoing commitment to the development of Singapore and is real estate market.